4 Trainers were  nominated to serve a two year term on the Sunray Park Committee  today, May 3, 2019 at a general called meeting.  They  are Jill Giles,  Celio (Jr.) Trujillo,   Bernadette Leyva and Justin Evans.  Since only 4 Trainers were nominated to serve on the Sunray Park Horsemen's Committee, they are confirmed as Committee members by acclimation and no vote is necessary.  The above named Trainers shall serve a 2 year term till 2021. 

In addition the following Owners have been appointed  to the Sunray Park Horsemen's Committee to fill vacancies:   Levi Bridges and Decker Foutz.   Mr. Foutz and Mr. Bridges will each serve out a  1 year term until 2020, when a new general election for Owners to serve on the Horsemen's Track Committee will take place.  Best wishes  to all and thanks for your service to the Horsemen.

Pat Bingham, Executive Director, NMHA