Following are the highlights of yesterday's NMRC meeting.   Tabled the purse structure for coming meet at Sunray Park pending consultation with Horsemen re purses  for coming 2019 race-meet. The 2018 race-meet will be a short one  17 days in all beginning on May 3 and running until June 2.  Purses will be in neighborhood of $3.4 million or $200,000 per day.  Need to have purse structure set so  that each level of horse and owner is rewarded for running at such a shortened meet. 

Horsemen to meet with Lonnie before purse structure is  finalized.    Other, ZIA PARK was admonished by  Commissioners regarding the condition of the ZIA   backside including trash, potholes, water lines, the walk up path,  etc.   Matt Crawford, ZIA’s Director of Racing  said that he would take the information back to  his superiors. Apparently the NMRC had previously issued a  notice to ZIA to fix the items of concern including areas of the backside that need help.    Approved Ruidoso condition book,  stall apps , stakes schedule and post times.    Jeff True is concerned about TB entries for this year.


6th track discussed by the NMRC.   In open session Chairman Willis  stated that the NMRC had been directed  by the new Governor  to reconsider  the November 16th feasibility study and all other factors .   He reported that the NMRC had done this and that once the litigation about the 6th track has been resolved that it could be ripe for granting a 6th license.  Several "ifs" are  in there but the  prospect for a 6th track is still alive.  A copy of the referenced feasibility study will be posted on this website shortly.


The NMRC were pleased to receive the NMHA recap of 2018  races run and purse money paid and asked that it be provided up to date at each successive NMRC meeting.    A total of 20921 starts took place at New Mexico Racetracks with 9,680 being QH  and 11,241 TBs.   43% of starters were QHs and 57 % were TBs.  Total purse monies amounted to $40,290.368. 


Drug positives as a percentage  of all tests diminished substantially.  For the first time in many years NM Racing is in line with the rest of the nation.   Thanks, to all who run clean.  


Have a great day!!!!


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