Notes from the NMRC Meeting     October 18, 2018


Discussion regarding approval for 6th track took place during meeting.


The Mescalero Tribe challenged the approval of the 6th  racetrack  license by stating that they, and other tribes who are members to the 2015 Compact with the State of New Mexico are legally entitled notice from the NMRC and a copy of any NMRC prepared feasibility  study regarding the 6th track’s effect on the Mescalero and other Tribal Interests, as well as the interests of   Ruidoso Downs, and ZIA Racetrack. They also mentioned that the tribe would be conducting its own economic impact study.

After executive session,

The RC  set the following dates for hearing and consideration of the applications for the 6th NM racetrack license:

Open discussion of the 6th racetrack is  to be held at the Nov. 15, 2018 NMRC meeting and will be continued to Nov. 16, 2018 as necessary.  Each applicant is  to make a brief presentation of their planned racetrack facility beginning Nov. 15,  through Nov. 16.    The public is invited to  attend and comment at the meetings.

 The Native Tribes will be notified of the times of the  meetings and will  be invited to participate.   A follow-up meeting of NMRC to take place on November 28, 2018.   This meeting will include a Q & A session with the NMRC and the applicants, interest from the  public, Horsemen, Breeders  Tribes etc.


The NMRC will make its final decision on the 6th racetrack for NM on December 6, 2018.

The NMRC will be sending out a formal notice of the meeting dates that have been scheduled.


Other matters:


Jockey Hector Alderete had his license reinstated by the NMRC.   He has served 2 years on his violation,  has  paid a $5000 fine,  and has done 100 hours of “community service” for the violation.   Will have to serve the final 3 years assessed for the violation as probation. 

Remington Park’s plan to charge  each QH owner $250.00 for hair testing (possibly other forms of testing) was brought up but not discussed.  More, I am sure on this later.

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