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Sunland Closure

Audrey Rader
March 2020   31 views



Audrey Rader
March 2020   17 views

Sunland Committee Voting Results


Audrey Rader
January 2020   44 views

The Sunland Committee Voting for owners is now closed. Below are the elected:Marci CrossPaul JensonDebra LaneyJarett Rogers

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Sunland Haul in Gate Change

Haul in barn is now at Gate 1!

Audrey Rader
November 2019   85 views

For the upcoming meet, the haul in barns have been moved to gate 1. The restaurant at gate 1 will remain closed but there will be food trucks present in it's place.

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Inspection/Walk Through

Committee Members Welcome

Audrey Rader
November 2019   53 views

The NMHA will hold the inspection/walk through on December 4, 2019 at 10:00 am. We welcome all committee members to attend!

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