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SunRay Park Local Committee

Election Results

Audrey Rader
mayo 2021   1497 vistas

COVID-19 Testing Requirement


Audrey Rader
abril 2021   3309 vistas

Official Works Schedule

SunRay Park

Audrey Rader
abril 2021   3852 vistas

SunRay will have official works on Wednesday April 7th and Thursday April 8th. Possibly Friday the 9th if needed.There will be a clocker and the gates will be set. They will start at 8am.

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SunRay Entry Schedule

Letter to Horsemen and Entry Schedule

Audrey Rader
marzo 2021   5111 vistas

Uncashed Checks

Please check to see if you are on this list.

Audrey Rader
junio 2020   6693 vistas

Below is a list of who has uncashed checks with Sunland and/or Sunray. Please check to see if you are on either list. If you see your name please read the note below for more information and contact the appropriate office. " We will do some verification of the account…

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